Monday, April 18, 2016


Two stay two stray is another good cooperative learning structure.  It creates an opportunity for students to present their ideas to another group or to explain a certain concept to another group.  Students could work in pairs or the teacher could adapt and make it, two stay, one stray.  It usually follows a brainstorming session or a response to a situation or problem.
For weaker students, the teacher could provide the structure or even model one 'straying'.

'Good morning, my group would like to present on ways to save the environment.  Firstly, we should......Then, we must ...............   Thank you.'

The aim of this activity is to create opportunities to talk about a subject, to teach a certain concept to someone else, to present an opinion or to solve a problem.  This also increases the speaking confidence of the students.  As this activity takes place simultaneously, maximum participation is ensured.

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