Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Quiz Quiz Trade

In a normal classroom, a teacher asks a question, a few students might mumble an answer if you are lucky, and the teacher calls up a student to answer.  How do you get 50% of the classroom to answer at any one time?  You can do this through Quiz Quiz Trade, another of my favourite Kagan structures.

How do I organise it?

Step I:
Give students each a question with an answer or a certain point that you want them to engage in.
For example:  Topic:  Opposites 
I would give students a card each.  Each card would be printed with a word and the student has to say the opposite of the word.

Step 2:
Students hand up to pair with another student.  They ask each other the question on their card.  If the answer is correct, they exchange their cards. They put up their hands to find a new partner. If the answer is wrong, the partner will coach till he gets it right.quiz each other and if they can answer the question, they exchange their cards.

Step 3:
Students keep moving and finding new partners till the teacher stops the activity.  Students come back to their original group to share the new points that they have learnt.

Cards can be prepared with math problems, spelling words, vocabulary words and factual points or anything else you can think of.  The possibilities are ENDLESS!
You can use this structure as a starter activity to generate ideas in a weak class.

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