Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Creating a Conducive Environment for 21st Century Learning

Mention the word '21st century' and teachers envision computers, smartboards and all the other gadgets which we cannot afford (but dare to dream and some of our schools have already achieved).  However, till we get those ICT gadgets, there are a few things that we can do to ensure learning takes place.

Apart from the Parking Lot and feedback signals that I have discussed in my previous post, we can also set up the noticeboards to support learning.  Forget about the old way of dividing the noticeboards according to subjects and putting up articles which nobody reads.


1  Put up classroom rules for working in groups

2  Celebrate each student on the bulletin board or wall

I found some great ideas on Pinterest

3.  Use the wall to motivate the students and change it from time to time

4.  Grafitti wall
Students need a space where they can draw or write something.  You can put it at the 'cave', a quiet corner for thinking or relaxing.

5.  Bring the social media into the classroom.  Create a status wall/wonder wall where students can write their present status.

6.  Put up students' work

7. Create a rewards corner

classroom data chart

8.  Put up anchor charts

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