Saturday, April 9, 2016

Sharing of the Learning Objective and Success Criteria

There are many benefits in sharing the learning objectives:
i.  it creates a sense of mutual responsibility
ii. it helps students be clear about what success looks like in the lesson
iii. students know where they are heading
iv. keeps the teacher on track

If students are going to write an email, then they need to know what is the criteria that would tell them they are successful in writing an email.  I would break up the objectives into the various skills in writing that email.  For example:

Learning Objective:  To write an e-mail to a friend, giving advice.
Success Criteria:  You will know you are successful if you can:
i.  use an appropriate format
ii.  begin and end the letter appropriately
ii. write an elaboration for each point given
ii.  use sequence connectors to join your paragraphs

I encourage my teachers to put up labels of the Lo and Sc  in class so that it is clear for all to see.  Some prefer to write on rolled whiteboards and hang it in the class.

When do I share the LO and SC?  Obviously, this needs to happen in the beginning of the class, whether it is after Set Induction or before.  

According to Robert Gagne, we should share the learning objective right after the set induction.

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