Monday, April 11, 2016

Teaching Aids to Promote the 4C's


Apart from the group management toolkit, one of the most versatile teaching aid to have is the mini whiteboard. It is the 21st century version of the mini blackboard or green board when we were in the primary school.   It is suitable as a starter, main or plenary.  Students love using the mini whiteboard.  I notice the class comes alive wheneveer the teacher brings in the mini whiteboard. You can buy these from bookshops.  One A4 size costs about RM1.20 or you can buy a whole box for less than RM100.

Another school actually bought a piece of formica sheet/plywood from a hardware shop which costs about RM36 and some shops do cut them for you.

Of course, we can always laminate a piece of A4 paper and we are good to go.  However, it is rather hard to wipe off and after several times of usage, it becomes very dirty.  I discovered that you could use a pencil eraser but you would need your students' help.

Another great alternative is to use the plastic document holder which you can buy from DIY for RM1.30(thanks to a coachee of mine).   The A3 size is about RM2.70.  You can insert an empty mind map or graphic organiser and get the students to write on it.  It is easily wiped off with a piece of cloth or duster.

My advice is to give the small whiteboards for each student and to give the bigger board for group work.  If the board is too small, group discussion would not be successful as some students might not be able to see.

What activities can we organise with the mini whiteboard?

1.  Pop quiz

     Run a surprise quiz at any part of the lesson to gauge understanding or learning.

2.  True or False

I asked a few questions of the chapters in the novel and students have to show me True or False with 
the mini whiteboard.  I have them write the words first before I begin the activity.  This activity
immediately tells me who knows the novel very well and who is still struggling.
 Race to 12
This is a cooperative activity where students race to complete 12 things in groups.
E.g.  12 adjectives
         12 ways to save the environment

• Showdown
Students complete a task individually and shows it to the whole group.  Group members help 
others who were not able to complete.  This could be a competition or it could be just to ensure 
all members understand or have mastered the skill.
• Pictionary
One student draws a picture while the other partner guesses what he is drawing.
• Spelling

Another good tool to have is the placemat consensus.  This could be photocopied in advance
and inserted into the document holder.  Students write on it.  This could be used as a starter.

          This is a cooperative learning strategy to encourage maximum participation.  Teacher gives a topic  and each student will write in the section in front of them for 1-3 minutes.  The teacher then may asks the group members to discuss each point and to come to a consensus on one or a few main points.  The reporter will write the points in the centre of the placemat.

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