Sunday, April 17, 2016


The gallery walk is one of the most popular communicative activities among the teachers.  I love it because it offers the students a chance to present simultaneously and students get a chance to respond in small groups.

What is Gallery Walk? It actively involves students in synthesizing important concepts, in consensus building, in writing, and in public speaking.  Groups rotate around the classroom, listening to presentations, reflecting and responding.  

Why use Gallery Walk?  It promotes higher order thinking, oral/written presentation skills, and team building.  It is flexible and has many benefits.  It encourages students to speak and write the language rather than just listening to the teacher or one speaker at a time.  It also invoves cognitive skills involving analysis, evaluation, and synthesis, Gallery Walk has the additional advantage of promoting cooperation, listening skills, and team building.

How to use Gallery Walk? –
This is one way to use Gallery Walk.  Teacher asks each team to stand beside their station or poster sheet.  When the teacher gives a signal, each team moves to the next group except the presenter.   After three to five minutes at a chart or "station" the team rotates to the next group. Those who are listening would be given post-it-notes to write their comments or to do a 'two medals one wish' - what two things are good, and one thing that could be improved.

Another way to use Gallery Walk is where teacher sets up each station with a particular question.  Team rotates from station to station to answer the questions.

I love this activity because it involves maximum participation and students are actively engaged.

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