Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Jot Thoughts - another collaborative idea


This is another favourite Kagan structure that is easy to carry out without much preparation.
Things you need:
A paper mat/ an A4 paper
lots of coloured papers cut into smaller squares/ post-it-notes

Teacher gives a topic and students work in groups to list down their ideas.  One idea per slip of coloured paper. A specified time limit is given for this activity, either as a starter or a plenary.  I add an element of excitement into this activity by making it as a competition.  The team that covers up the whole mat or paper with the ideas wins the game.


1. Brainstorming (30-60 seconds)
    Example:  In 60 seconds, write down as many ideas as you can about saving the environment. 
2. Review previous lesson (5 min)
    Do you remember what we did last week?  In 5 min, write down as many ideas as you can about saving the environment that we had discussed.  Use one idea on one slip of paper.
3. Review content taught (plenary)
    We have discussed ways to save the environment.  In groups, think about what you can do to help save the environment at home?  Jot down each idea on the coloured papers.  One idea on one piece of paper.
4. Synthesis 5-10 min(suggest solutions to a problem)
    The landfill of your city is 90% used.  There is a scarcity of land for throwing rubbish.  What can be done to solve this problem?   Jot down your thoughts on each slip of paper.

After the activity, the teacher could ask a few groups to share some responses.  Then, proceed to the next activity.

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